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Tarif - Montage de Meuble // 07 86 82 83 06

 Furniture assembly

Installation at home, office, store  Payment is due on the day of delivery  in cash or by check.

Furniture assembly for: dining room , living room, bedroom , library , etc ........ rate / price ... 20 € / h with the first hour € 45.

The consumables additional (screws, glue, pins, hooks , nails , etc ... not provided by brand ) required for the operation are not included in the hourly rate.

Why pay Ikea another 30 to 63% more of your purchase for a service "  whole house " .

Click here and look directly at Ikea website .

Contact your agent directly mounting at home and pay less. M aster MRjohnnyBRICO "assembling furniture." 07 86 82 83 06

Furniture: Ikea, Ikea Metod, Conforama, Paragraph, Goal, Fly, Cuisinella, Mobalpa, Castorama, Leroy Merlin, Lepeyre ........... more more, just ASK me !


Your design: kitchen, office and store    : Payment is due the day of the benefit in  cash or by check

Assembly, installation and implementation of your project ( small changes - electrical and plumbing) ... request a quote prices by project work  / send me your design


Design wood and DIY services        :  Payment is due on the day of delivery  in cash or by check.

DIY Services ... request a quote prices by project work

Custom design wooden  shelves, drawers , doors, closets and cabinets ... repair request a quotation, price per project work  / send me your design


For more information, please contact us with your address, the type and description of furniture, number of items and the day of the assembly.

Intervention Brignoles in Saint Maximin, Toulon, Hyers, St Tropez, Saint Raphael, Draguignan and all his villages. A small supplement for Aix, Marseilles and Cannes.   

Contact MRjohnnyBRICO ™ Toulon for furniture "in itself" (assembly service) and you will be assured that we will work quickly, efficiently and above all with the guarantee of your satisfaction. I guarantee a professional, quality work in compliance with the rules of the art, at competitive prices. 

Looking for more information on prices , then send me an e- mail address    So do not wait and know how our MRjohnnyBRICO serve you!                                                                                                            

MRjohnnyBRICO ™

SIRET: 532155546

Comprehensive Insurance Professional Pacifica # 5508899908

References on request

Mobile: 07 86 82 83 06

Mail to:     




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